I would give OEP 5 stars! I would recommend it to anyone!

Just to give you a little background, I have always done some form of exercise 5-6 times a week since I was in high school. I love almost any form of exercise. It helps me relieve stress and gives me the energy I need to chase and care for my 3 little kiddos.  When I started my training with Kari and Jaynee I would have said I had a lot of knowledge about exercise, fitness and health. I came to realize that I didn't know much at all.  I learned about baseline heart rates, threshold heart rates, how to get myself out of the "mushy middle", how to really read my body, and more.


I loved how the training was specialized just for me. I loved how I could communicate with them daily to tweak workouts as needed. I loved how flexible they are with busy schedules and make things work for you. I love how they were my cheerleaders and pushed me without killing me! I say 100% hands down I couldn't have run my marathon without their training. It made me faster and gave me more endurance than I thought I could have ever accomplished. If you are hesitant about signing up with them don't be. They are amazing and some of the nicest ladies you will ever meet!

Stephanie Bengston, RN and Mom

Spring, Texas

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